Kid Watch TS05 
This kids GPS watch is a wearable cell phone and locater for kids, designed with parents in mind, giving them the peace of mind they crave, while providing kids the freedom they need to be kids. It keeps families connected in the way they want to be without the need to buy a young child a cell phone. 
This wonderful product is a watch with touch screen, GPS localization and voice communication, limited to phone numbers in a white-list. The SOS button, on the side of the watch, calls a specified phone number registered in the watch. Up to two cell phones, registered in the watch, can activate functions of localization, safety zone and remote monitoring (one way listening on the voice channel). It can also be used as a baby monitor at home. 
This product is many times more affordable than a smart phone and designed to be simple to use for younger kids, not as distracting as a cell phone for older kids, and wearable, which is safer than having to carry a smart phone. 
This watch refuses phone calls from numbers not white listed. No call from strangers or spam are allowed. 
This GPS watch is mini size, it can be used as a baby room monitor, or to monitor kids, old parents, pets and outdoor workers. 
The tracker also has LBS locating (mobile phone base station CELL ID) & public wifi locating function. When there is no GPS signal in some place, such as underground park, indoor room, or around high building with bad GPS signal, the tracker will locate with LBS or wifi. 
The LBS or wifi locating precision is about 50-500m in the city, and the GPS locating precision is about 10m. 
-- Watch Screen 
The main touch screen is kept simple and activates the secondary screens: 
• Main screen: Time and Date, state Icons for signal strength, GPS, Battery, etc. 
• Phone book: Make a phone call from the white list. 
• Step: Pedometer on/off, show on the main screen. 
• Talk: Record and send messages to parents or receive voice messages from them. 
Note: Parent can send red hearts to children as a reward, the number of red heart will display on the main screen of the watch. 
-- Features 
• SOS button. Calls directly up to 3 different numbers, configured in the watch and sends current location in a SMS message. 
• Voice chat. The message screen is used to record and listen to voice mail. 
• Remote monitoring. A voice channel one way, from the watch to the main or secondary cell phone number. 
• Safety zone. Get an alarm if the watch go outside the pre-established zone. 
• Alarm clock, up to 3 alarm times, for important responsibilities. 
• Option to put the watch in mode silent, vibrate or ring. 
• Low battery alarm. 
• Pedometer, see how much your kid walk during a day. 
• Localization replay for up to 30 days. 
• Communicate with family members whenever wherever. 
• Option for frequency of GPS localization: normal, economy, frequent. 
• Five systems of localisation available: GPS, BS, LBS, WiFi, AGPS 
-- Where to get it 
At we will set up the watch and make it ready for your low cost sim card so you can immediately configure and use it from a free cell phone app. This watch is more affordable than a smart phone and is less expensive to operate than a regular cell phone, at a cost as low as $7 per month, depending on the plan purchased at Petro Canada Mobility.

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